Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rest in Peace, Twist

Well, today was a sad day. After months of care and rehabilitation, my big, strong, proud alpha horse had to be put down.

He was an older horse, and after the abuse he suffered before we got him and a couple bad falls, he started losing full control over his hind legs. For the past few weeks, we kept him warm and well-fed in a stall, with Marjorie caring for him like a brother. There was amazing improvement, but when we took him for a walk a couple days ago, our hopes were crushed. He had to go right back in the stall, for fear of hurting himself and others (by falling on them).

We are concerned about his best friend, Timer; Timer's whole life has been spent with Twist -- they've never been apart. Hopefully, between Marjorie's pony Kelly, our friend Nola, Marjorie and me, we'll be able to provide a nice transition for Timer.

Great and Strong Twist: run with the spirits my friend. Race the bardo winds unencumbered and taste freedom like never before.

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