Friday, November 09, 2007

Twisted AJAX/COMET Tutorial Pre-release

As promised earlier, here is the new Athena tutorial!

Currently, the tutorial consists of a topical introduction and two example applications, built with the reader step-by-step. Note that this is still in branch and hasn't been reviewed for inclusion in trunk. Please feel free to leave comments to this blog post about the tutorial (good, bad and ugly). This will help us improve the content and prepare it for inclusion in trunk.

The tutorial includes detailed instructions on setting up an environment, obtaining the source code, and running the applications. There are also pointers on how to conceptually approach development with Nevow/Athena.

Due to concerns over code compactness, we pulled out the CSS that nicely styled the echo and chat tutorial apps. The curious can view the styled versions here:

And if you want to pretify your example apps, you can update the fragment templates per the links given below.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Yeah, so I'm late to the game.

In fact, twitter's not really a game I was ever interested in. I only started using it today because of the work we're doing at Divmod. The reason I was never enthusiastic was I just couldn't see myself using yet another application or having yet another web page open all the time.

But it hit me this morning at 3:00am when I couldn't sleep that with tying a single script's name at the command line, I could push whatever command I had just issued to my twitter. That script uses bash's history command as well as python-twitter. I wrote another simple script that I can use to push arbitrary text too. That coupled with the fact that 1) twitter supports an IM service and 2) I'm now using BitlBee, I can now use twitter without context switching (since I spend 80-90% of my computer time in the terminal and my IRC client).

I'll probably be using twitter mostly as an open-ended replacement for setting IM/IRC status. Interesting commits or revealing bash activity will make their way, too. And, of course, I will be using it for the as yet unannounced Divmod app we will be releasing :-)

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