Thursday, July 28, 2005

Phillip Eby has changed my life... again.

python :: programming

First it was PEAK, then it was PyProtocols/generic functions (which has
now been split from PyProtocols in to its own package called
RuleDispatch). Now, it's EasyInstall. Everyone has been raving about
it, but I hadn't tried it out until tonight. Holy crap. This is crack
for python programmers. I built my first python egg when Bob Ippolito
first started writing about the alpha code he and Phillip Eby were
working on. Pretty cool stuff, but it didn't really hit me as to how
great eggs were until I actually saw it in action today with my upgrade
of setuptools, my first use of EasyInstall, and my upgrade of
PyProto/RuleDispatch (each creates an egg and dumps the file in

It blew my mind when I saw these two luminaries getting together. I
knew that it didn't matter what the hell these guys did together, it
would rock the world. Awesome. And thanks :-)

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