Monday, December 05, 2005

Twisted Network Programming Essentials

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The title says it all. Go buy it
! I've only just managed to buy a copy yesterday. I'm fairly
familiar with twisted and have used it extensively over the past
several years, so I was going to buy the book just to support Abe and
the Twisted community. It turns out, though, that he has written this
in an amazingly lucid style, one that I will actually use to teach
twisted to junior developers -- a task I have not attempted yet as a
result of not having a good approach or proper materials to draw from.
Until now, twisted has been for self-learners only. With this book, you
will be able to teach twisted to interested and motivated middle- and high-schoolers.
One particularly wonderful nugget was the description of twisted.cred. I've
always been a little foggy with the the architecture and use of
twisted.cred (credentialing and authentication in twisted)... mostly
because I've never needed to use it. Turns out I am working on a new
project that will utilize it. Just in time to get the crash-course on
cred from Abe's book :-)

And this is definitely and by far the most cool, insane, intense cover of
any O'Reilly book. Ever. Future books included. You just can't beat the
writhing, twisted ball of mating snakes. No joke. Read about it on the
last page.

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