Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Sunday I returned from a two-week road trip through Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Utah and then back to Colorado. Though the scenery was amazing, the best part was the actual purpose of the trip: seeing friends, some of whom it has been 15 years since we last hung out.

Of the many very cool things that happened on the trip, one of the things I can share in a public forum is the RPG experience I had in Pullman, WA visiting my dear friend Jim Roach. He and his good friend Jacob DMed/GMed two sessions each and it was just phenomenal. Jacob's was a Ravenloft campaign I got to join with a 54-year old character named Li Po (monk) on a journey to Romania in the late 1800s. The other was a GURPS character -- a kilt-clad goblin samurai. I haven't gamed with sessions like that in over 10 years, and it was so much fun I will probably joining them again via web cam.

Upon my return to Colorado, I had a new Sector 9 bamboo longboard waiting for me. Two days and no spills. I'm totally not into tricks, but damn, I love to cruise and slalom. I've had a delightful time getting reacquainted with my skating muscles, though my body currently disagrees, as I can barely walk up the stairs right now.

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