Friday, February 23, 2007

The Twisted Conference

I just got up to my hotel room from the BEST freakin' BoF tonight. Not only were there way more people than any of us expected, but most hung in there like CHAMPS: we started at 8:30pm and didn't get out until almost midnight! Okay, that's a little exaggeration... it was more like 11:30pm. Those present represented the spectrum of new users to intermediate through "founding members", and it was a damned trip. Just tons of amazing energy and latent excitement. And the love, baby -- you could just feel the love :-)

This came as a surprise to many of us, considering that 1) like last year, there are no Twisted talks and 2) most of the Twisted folks didn't know who all was showing up and we didn't think there'd more than a few. At last count, there are eight of us here now, and when Itamar shows up tomorrow, that will make nine.

But back to the BoF: the energy was truly palpable and the room was pretty packed. The topics covered were diverse and very interesting. The questions were stimulating, the answers insightful (and often hilarious). It was, in essence a conference within a conference :-) I believe over half stayed for the duration, and not only did it end with a standing-O (well, we were standing to leave...), but there were cheers and suggestions to do it again tomorrow. An hour later, I'm still pumped and totally incapable of considering sleep. If the enthusiasm of the BoF continues through the rest of the conference, we could end up with a couple sprints...

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  1. I think we need to get all of us in the room again to debate about DAV semantics and implementations again :)

    I feel bad cause I was late getting there and then had to bag at 10 - but I'd have to concur with everything you said.

  2. Jesse, I'm certainly not the dude to chat about WebDAV, but I'm stoked that you had a good time :-)