Friday, August 24, 2007

Skater Heaven

So I completely flipped out this morning before breakfast: I looked out the bedroom window after a morning conference call, and there are skaters slaloming down the road behind the house. I've got a 3' Sector9 bamboo longboard and love to get me some slalom action. But I suck. These guys were awesome.

I grabbed Sengey (my girlfriend's Tibetan mastif) and took him out for a walk up the hill. The skaters were amazingly friendly and totally mellow; they jumped at a chance to tell someone about their event. Turns out today is day one of the Seismic Nationals which is being held in my back yard!

I took my phone with me and snapped some shots of the skaters, and they are here in this flickr set. Enjoy!

We've been renting this house month-to-month while waiting to move into the house in Valentine, NE. It's a McMansion and not cozy at all, so this skating event has made the past two months here totally worth while.

Update: a sweet video of the same event last year.

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