Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Twisted Horse

I've loved riding horses since I was a kid. I have no riding skillz, but I've been on horses (irregularly, and sometimes with large gaps of time in between) since I was a little boy. But *damn* it's amazing riding a horse.

So imagine my joy when
  1. my girlfriend tells me she wants to rescue two trail horses she's known for a couple years and is able to get a really good deal on;
  2. they are larger horses (quarter horses), so they will fit me; and
  3. the larger of the two is named "Twist".
Well, they arrived today, brought up from Colorado by our friend Lindsey. They were treated poorly by someone (riders and/or handlers) this summer, and so are in pretty rough shape, but Marjorie has already started working on them and is putting their recovery plan into effect immediately. As soon as they get fattened and happied back up, I'll be learning to ride bareback! Woo-hoo! Or perhaps "yee-haw," in the parlance of our locale.

I've got some initial pics up here, taken after we got them off the trailer and into the arena. Twist is the lighter colored, larger horse. I can tell you what I'll be doing on weekends, now! When I'm not traveling to Denver. Or hacking python. Or...

But, man! I can't believe that I've got a horse named Twist, of all things! How sweet is that synchronicity?

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GregP said...

There were a handful of jokes that almost wrote themselves here regarding the riding of the horses, but as usual I'm much too tasteful to indulge in actually verbalizing them.

Anyway, great pics, and wow in general. I've never known anyone who owned a horse. This is a big step for me. Pretty cool.

Duncan McGreggor said...

This is where blogger could benefit from a livejournel-esque type feature: private comments (comments for those in your friends list). That way you could comment with lewd impunity, sparing the rest of the world the horrors and offering your friends full minutes of entertainment ;-)

GregP said...


I guess we'll just have to wait for a competent, motivated Divmod/Twisted/Python programmer to step up and do it.