Thursday, November 01, 2007


Yeah, so I'm late to the game.

In fact, twitter's not really a game I was ever interested in. I only started using it today because of the work we're doing at Divmod. The reason I was never enthusiastic was I just couldn't see myself using yet another application or having yet another web page open all the time.

But it hit me this morning at 3:00am when I couldn't sleep that with tying a single script's name at the command line, I could push whatever command I had just issued to my twitter. That script uses bash's history command as well as python-twitter. I wrote another simple script that I can use to push arbitrary text too. That coupled with the fact that 1) twitter supports an IM service and 2) I'm now using BitlBee, I can now use twitter without context switching (since I spend 80-90% of my computer time in the terminal and my IRC client).

I'll probably be using twitter mostly as an open-ended replacement for setting IM/IRC status. Interesting commits or revealing bash activity will make their way, too. And, of course, I will be using it for the as yet unannounced Divmod app we will be releasing :-)

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