Thursday, February 21, 2008

Twisted News Resources and Divmod Sprint at PyCon

These days, there's a lot going on right now in the Twisted community as well as here at Divmod. It's really quite exciting :-) But, in an effort to not spam the world, I'll try to group things together when possible.

First off is Twisted news: in case you haven't noticed yet, Twisted Labs now has a group blog here. We're making an effort to share more of our conversations and vision with the wider community. We'll also be posting news items there, which means (at long last!) we now have an RSS feed for the latest Twisty Happenings. To just read the news items (if that's your preference), you can visit this page (it's a "news" tag filter). What's more, if you want an RSS feed that just covers the news, you can use this one, which is also being maintained. As always, our News Archives page continues its non-feed-having, wiki-ish existence.

Next up is the Divmod Sprint at PyCon 2008: we're having one! I posted an entry on our company blog, so please check it out and follow the links to join our sprint, if you are so inclined.

More soon!

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James said...

I was looking at the Divmod website and it was hard to tell whether Divmod was still in business or not! The News area goes to an out of date page and in general alot of things look like they are old material.

Duncan McGreggor said...

Hey James,

Yes, Divmod is still alive and kicking :-)

Timely that you mention the site, as we have a couple preliminary mockups in the works as well as updated content. I was hoping to get that done before PyCon, but things are moving fairly slowly, so it will probably go up afterwards.