Friday, May 16, 2008

The Twisted Think Tank

I'm pleased to announce that we've got a new Divmod site up! We're still making tweaks, but it's ready for public viewing, and open for business.

This change currently doesn't affect our subscriber services... but it will, very shortly :-) JP's working on that now.

Anyone who knows us, knows that we know Twisted. We really know it. And how could we not, with Twisted superheroes like Glyph and JP? We've been solving very interesting problems for the past couple years, and other companies have availed themselves of this expertise. We're no longer trying to hide from our destiny as "the Twisted company."

We've found that providing specialized consulting services has not detracted from our core competency as software developers, but has rather done quite the reverse: provided a great deal of insight and clarity. The two activities have established a complementary feedback mechanism for growth and invention.

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