Thursday, July 31, 2008

New ULS Systems Blog

I'm currently drafting two new ultra large-scale systems blog posts, with one in particular being almost ready to go. While writing more on one of them today, a very cool thing happened: I received an email from the ULS systems team at the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University letting me know that they've got a new ULS blog site up. You can check it out here:

Be sure to read all the articles and go back often! As you can imagine, I'll be spending a lot of time there :-) I have a feeling this is the beginning of an emerging ULS community...

As for my forthcoming ULS systems blog posts, one concerns SOA and the other discusses currently extant code bases in the Python and Twisted Python communities that can be used for building ultra large-scale systems (or prototypes thereof) quickly and efficiently.


Unknown said...

Hey Duncan,

What happened to that ULS blog?

Duncan McGreggor said...


Wow -- it got deleted. Dunno.

I just emailed the ULS group at Carnegie Mellon to see about the status. I'll post an update to this blog with any news I get back from them.

Thanks for the heads up!