Friday, January 21, 2011

Uncle Canonical Wants U!

you and uTouch, that is. And more!

Do you love Ubuntu? Are you an HCI freak? Are you an X hacker, kernel driver maintainer, Linux input enthusiast, Qt or GTK application developer, C/C++ hacker?

Do you enjoy being part of online technical communities? Are you actively involved in open source projects? Do you enjoy advocating for software?

Do you love test-driven development and thirst for high-quality open source software running on devices with touch interfaces?

Does the idea of working from home in your own time-zone, on cutting-edge, strategic projects at Canonical have you sitting on the edge of your seat?

If so, then please send me your resumé/CV! I'm looking for a few brilliant engineers as we grow our Product Strategy teams (DX, Design, and others).


Ahmed Kamal said...

My uncle sam looks better :)

Duncan McGreggor said...

Ahmed! You have an Uncle Sam?!

Ahmed Kamal said...

Was talking about this one :)

Duncan McGreggor said...

NICE! I love it! Looks like we have a similar sense of humor, Ahmed :-)

Duncan McGreggor said...

Oh, and you're right: your Uncle ROCKS it!

Michael Hudson-Doyle said...

Is this a new meme or something? I just read too :-)