Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Life: The OpenStack DevOps Community

Last week's OpenStack Design Summit and Conference were pretty fantastic events. Lots of great technical discussions, some good initial planning on large tasks, incredible numbers of conversations -- all of high quality! Looking back, though, I'd have to say that the high point of the event for me was what turned into the DevOps community brainstorm session (etherpad link) at the Design Summit (all etherpads are here).

The session was approved with the title of "OpenStack and Operations: Getting Real" with a major goal of deciding whether we needed to create a new top-level project for DevOps. So it was really "New DevOps Team?" However, all that changed once we got started, and there was some amazing feedback and enthusiasm in that room. By the end of it, we were all pretty pumped up and ready to jump in with all our hands and feet!

The highest-level summary for me was this: The DevOps folks in the OpenStack community really need a point to rally around. Someplace they can not only talk to each other, share stories, get advice, etc., but also where they can have their voices heard by the predominantly developer-oriented OpenStack community. Jay Pipes suggested that a new section be added to the weekly IRC team leader meetings, and as Nova Ops subteam lead (teams list), I volunteered to collect top issues from the DevOps (sub-)community and give these some air-time in the meetings.

Some other highlights from the session:

  • needs volunteer admins -- a great opportunity for improving the dev <-> ops interface
  • CERN is deeply invested in DevOps, and wants to share data and possibly help with defining reference architectures
  • The same goes for the University of Melbourne!
  • There was a good corporate presences in the session too, rallying around a new and improved DevOps community: HP, Yahoo, AT&T, Canonical, Rackspace, DreamHost, and more (sorry if I forgot you!) 

There is a tremendous amount of information that we collected, but in written form (etherpads) as well as conversations during last week's event. As this is collected, we'll be reaching out to folks via the operators mail list, blog posts, tweets, and Google+ messages. Be sure to do the same! If you've got concerns, bring them up on the mail list, we'll get some bugs filed and blueprints put together, and come up with plans for addressing these.

Thanks again, everyone!

Friday, April 06, 2012

New Domain Name for the Blog

JP's wonderful blog sub-domain (and clever joke sub-domain) got me to thinking about what to do for a blog name again. Especially in the event that I ever leave blogger. For a year I tried using, but I think that was far too obscure a play on words. I gave up for a few years after that, and just stuck with the original setup.

After revisiting the possibilities again, looking at everything from rephrasing Maxwell's equations as sub-domains to using a play on Hindi words (I almost went with, doing the electric thing as well as going for the esoteric seed syllable/mantra reference). Also too obscure.

After too many hours on Google Translate (trying something out, getting it translated, back-translating it; that often provides humorous -- if not enlightening -- results), I managed to stumble across one I really liked. Immediately, in fact:

How is it that this hasn't been taken? I was dumb-founded. And delighted :-) Check out the possible translations of the Latin goodness:
  • thought
  • cogitation
  • thinking
  • considering
  • deliberating
  • reflection
  • meditation
  • reflexion
  • thought
  • design
  • plan
  • reasoning power

Splitting words at the tld, we get the aptly wonderful cogitat i/o: "he thinks I/O." As a programmer who specializes in side effects (don't most of us?), I'm surrounded by I/O. I view it as software's analog to the ever-important physics (and life) concept of "cause and effect." Needless to say, I do love the tld.

With the domain all set up, I was off to Blogspot... only to find that Google doesn't let you use "naked" domains as your blog name.


So then it was back to the drawing board (Google Translate). Fortunately, after just a few minutes of playing around, technicae popped up, and I thought this might be it. technicae cogitat io can almost be translated as "meditating on technology" or "the design of technology."

But there's more: I saw that if io was typed with a capital I, it would render the translation as "John." Which has led to the ultimate, most profound, inner-most secret essence of this blog:
Technicae cogitat Io.
Videre Io currunt.
Currere, Io! Currere!
Probably not something something Cicero would have recognized, nor even something parsable in Vulgar Latin. Most of you have probably already got it, though. Regardless, here it is in naked English:
"John thinks about technology.
See John run.
Run, John! Run!"

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Recent Stackiness


Tomorrow is OpenStack Atlanta's second event (the first being a HackIn).  Ken Pepple is going to be talking about deploying OpenStack, something he should feel very comfortable doing, given his book as well as Internap's latest announcement :-)

There's more info about tomorrow's event at the Meetup page.

OpenStack Design Summit

In a couple weeks, a bunch of us from DreamHost are going to be heading to the OpenStack Summit and Conference in San Francisco. There's a lot of buzz about it both inside the company, in the offices of our fellow OpenStack collaborators, and in the wider open source community. With Citrix's recent announcement, Internap's deployment, Eucalyptus' approval by Amazon, there's plenty of Cloud Drama to go around. Fortunately, the focus of the Summit and Conference is on the important positives: how to improve an extraordinary piece of software and disseminating expertise. Can't wait!

GitHub Love

Last but not least, the Dev team at DreamHost has been using Github in conjunction with Launchpad in a manner similar to how the OpenStack project does it. The increased interest in open source software in our offices is starting to make its way out to our customers, and we've got a new web presence that is the first step in supporting this new direction. We're cooking up a bunch more stuff, so be sure to check in on our repos from time to time :-)