Thursday, March 01, 2012

Successful Hack-In, 01 Mar 2012!

DreamHost has a new core set of cloud developers now based in Atlanta, and a new Meetup group to go with that :-) Today there was a global OpenStack Hack-In, and I just posted a summary to our Meetup discussion page, but since I desperately need to do some blogging, I'm republishing here :-) (with some minor tweaks...)

We had fun in person, there was good chatter on IRC with the Colorado and San Francisco teams, and we had a great time digging into OpenStack some more.

Technical highlights include:
  • testing out development deployments of OpenStack using Vagrant (some successes, some blockers)
  • testing out dev deployments of OpenStack using VirtualBox directly
  • filed some bugs for issues in horizon regarding error feedback to users and how the documentation is generated
  • dug into issues with logging and inconsistencies in datestamps
  • uncovered some weirdness with the usage of gnu screen and hanging services/partial devstack installs due to sudo assumptions (devstack assumes a passwordless sudo, and will label an install as failed if it gets hung up on the apache log tail, waiting for a password, even if the install was successful and all the services started correctly)
  • Doug Hellmann made his first commit upstream to OpenStack
On the non-technical, fun side:
  • Thanks for Zenoss for the fun swag today smile (the Zebras are still staring at me... I think they're going to be making an appearance in ToyStory 5)
  • Even more thanks to Zenoss for the offer to become an OpenStack Atlanta Sponsor (food, drinks, and swag)!
  • Thanks to DreamHost for the AMAZING coffee and danishes from The Village Corner Restaurant/Basket Bakery. Seriously. That was the best coffee I have ever had. In. My. Life.
  • Also, thanks DreamHost for the pizza and the sweet potato pies!

We took a couple snapshots of the event, and I'll be posting those soon on the Meetup page, but for the super-impatient, they're up on Flickr right now smile

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