Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Erlang Meetup at Rackspace, San Francisco

I'm very pleased to announce that Rackspace's San Francisco office will be hosting an Erlang Meetup immediately after the closing session of last day of SF Erlang Factory on 22 March.

We are honored to announce that both Robert Virding and Francesco Cesarini will be present for the event. The night will open up at 6:30pm with Mediterranean food, refreshments (and I hear there will be a keg). Around 7:15pm we will gather for a presentation by the very talented folks at Boundary which will start at 7:30pm.

The Boundary presentation will be followed by one from Robert Virding. We'll finish the night with a door prize give-away of two copies of Francesco and Simon's book Erlang Programming: A Concurrent Approach to Software Development. Perhaps the winners might be able to talk Francesco into signing their copies? ;-)

Last but not least, some of Rackspace's own Erlangers will be on hand for conversations about how we're using Erlang/OTP to deliver Fanatical Support in in our Data Center and Cloud Ops groups.

We're going to start with a cap of 60 people for the event, but if there's high demand, we have room to adjust this. Due to some communications hiccups, we're going to do the planning for this event the old-fashioned way: send an email to, and let me know that you'd like to attend. Your name will be added to the list in the order I receive emails. The list of attendees and the waiting list are published here and will be refreshed with each new addition.

Update! The event is now published on -- Thanks for all your help, Andra!

As special thanks go out to Robert Virding, Phil Toland, and Brian Troutwine -- conversations with them were the inspiration for putting this event together. Thanks guys! (Note that I've put that background info into its own blog post, so as not to confuse the event announcement ... to much ;-) ).

See you at Erlang Factory SF and then on Friday at the Rackspace office!

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