Tuesday, April 23, 2013

OpenStack Developer Summit: Heat Followup

Folks are finally starting to recover from the OpenStack Developer Summit that was held in Portland, Oregon recently. All reports indicate that it was a truly phenomenal experience, record-breaking in many ways, and something that has inspired incredible enthusiasm within the community. And that's great news, since there's an enormous amount of work to be done this release ;-)

Of particular importance to many in the community is the work around maturing the autoscaling feature in OpenStack Heat. There was a fantastic session at the summit, facilitated by the bow-tied and most dapper Ken Wronkiewicz (his notes from the Summit were published on the Rackspace blog).

In preparation for the session, the following resources were created:
That one in the middle is important, as it is also where notes were taken during the actual session itself (see the section entitled "ODS Session Notes"). Devs at Rackspace have started going through the notes from the session and started planning work around this -- all of which will be carried on in the open, on the OpenStack mail list (tagged with "[Heat]"), on Freenode, and on github/gerrit.

The discussion at the Summit indicated strong interest in building a REST API for the existing autoscaling feature. Needless to say, there is a lot involved in this, touching upon significant OpenStack components like Quantum, LBaaS, and Ceilometer. Once the appropriate code is in place, a REST API will need to be created, features will need to be expanded/added, etc., and we'll be off and running :-)

Lots to do, and lots of great energy and excitement around this to keep us all chugging through this cycle.

On that note, we'd like to send out a special "thanks" to all the countless folks who worked so hard to make ODS happen. This event anchors us in a most excellent way, providing the insight and fuel that supports future development work so well!

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