Saturday, March 27, 2004

The Printing Press, Literacy, Education, and Unalienable Rights

community :: technology :: education

There seems to be some very interesting things afoot these
days... subtle revolutions in the works... large-scale evolution taking
place. We are seeing this in all areas of society: technology, law,
government, education, religion and spirituality, and most importantly,
in the community. What follows are some outlines of things my friends
and I have been discussing.

Version 1.0

* Clergy hold monopoly on the written word

* Guttenburg's Press

* Literacy

* Higher Education

Version 2.0

* Corporations and their teams of programmers hold monopoly on software

* Open Source Software movement, improved high-level languages that everyone can learn

* Computer literacy grows

* Information for everyone; power of software generation for everyone

More thoughts on this later...

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