Saturday, March 27, 2004

A Revolutionary's Cookbook


So you want to start a revolution? Well, hey, we all want to
change the world. Who are the world changers? Some of them are like
great machines that chew up everything in front of them. Others are
charismatic, fervor inspiring fanatics. There are all kinds. My
favorites, though, are the ones I model my behavior after: parents.

Take it from the Buddha: life sucks. Then we die. Then we get reborn
and have to learn all over again that life sucks. People hate this; it
makes them crazy and irritable. So, when people come in contact with
others who don't seem so upset about the fact that life sucks, it's

We're all screwed up; it's the nature of humanity (biochemical
analog programming). We learn crap at an early age that we spend the
rest of our lives dealing with. But when we meet people who embrace
this craziness, things seem okay. We breath a little lighter. Hell, we
might even smile ;-)

Sometimes these sunny folk are even a little stable; sometimes
they're not nomadic hippies; sometimes they seem kinda normal. When
these people stick around in one area, they start to make friends --
people want to be near them. Their positive outlook is not some
bullshit facade, but rather a living reality; one that is upheld as
genuine by proof of these people's actions.

Watching them makes me realize that they treat every part of the
world as if it was their precious child. Every interaction with
existance and all its suffering is both a learning experience and a
teaching experience. I like being around this and I want to be more
like them. These people are community seedlings. They are like the
initial structure and catalyst around which crystals form. They are the

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