Wednesday, April 06, 2005


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As so often happens, when working/playing on one thing, the miraculous
inner lights of the frail but mysterious human mind shed their
brilliance on another. Okay, so perhaps in this instance the areas are
not so far separated, nor the lumens so brilliant as those in a dying
plastic camping flashlight. Nonetheless, the fancy is tickled, and
besides actual development, that's what matters!

So what the hell am I talking about? APIs. I was working on the PyKon
Nevow code the other day, and some things I had written and prototyped
fermented in a corner of my brain, and popped into a completely new
perspective today, one that I could use with
pymon. I am addicted to good APIs. I
study twisted's internals as well as that of Phillip Eby's PEAK
framework(s). I hunger for elegant, efficient, and clever design
strategies. It's very Newtonian of me, but I love well-ordered systems.
The discussions that have been underway on the pymon maillist boiled
down (very quickly) to the following:

    * The need for several mini-APIs to be used internally by pymon

    * The need to define user- and/or enternal-APIs

    * The need to get rid of a little cruft that had accumulated while in
    branch (both old an new)

    * The need to utilize twisted component-based approach (adaptors) to
    accomplish these goals

We're really excited about this, because we're trying to be true to the
art of programming. QualityRUs, not time-contraint, budget-driven,
happenstancery. I wrote some more about it on the 2005.04.06 news item
at It's going to
be fun writing all the adaptors we will need :-)

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