Friday, April 08, 2005


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So, even though it's been a week, I still haven't blogged about my
mini-vacation. I didn't go anywhere and I still had to do a little
work, but I did get to relax and hang out with a really good friend who
was visiting from out of town. She had her Spring break from
acupuncture school, and for the second half she came out to Colorado to
chill in the Rockies. We had the absolute best time; a much needed
vacation for both of us.

I swear, I will never get tired of the Rocky Mountains. The most
amazing vistas, trails, weather, etc. Just incredible. We went
horseback riding through a place in Estes Park, CO that does rides 365
days a year. It was such a blast. We were out in the afternoon sun on a
gorgeous day for over two hours. The best views I have seen since I've
been here (with the possible exception of a couple amazing sights inside
Rocky Mountain National Park).

For most of the trip, we vegged, watched movies, went window shopping
in Boulder, listened to music and talked. A genuine vacation. Not one
of those "run around and do all you can do till you pass out and need
another vacation" vacations. Rather, a time to really relax and
breathe. Also, her last night here, I introduced her to my Tibetan
friends at the weekly momo-making party. She had the absolute best
time. All of us laughed, ate, drank, and laughed some more. In fact, we
laughed so hard we were actually in pain. She got to listen to lots of
Tibetan and build up her ear for it. I taught her a little and
translated a little, but my understanding is so limited that it's not
much use. On the ride back to Loveland, we chatted away like a couple
prairie dogs about the Tibetan culture, their deep understanding of and
commitment to community, about how this impacts our own experiences,
understanding, and limitations, etc. It was an awesome time :-)

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