Saturday, June 11, 2005

pymon Nearing 0.3.3 Release


pymon is nearing its second public release (but first packaged
release). We've spent the past couple months doing a refactor by
examining the patters we were using or not using. In the process, we
have made MUCH better use of twisted's internals and are increasingly
more impressed with it as a networking application development
framework. To be honest, I would be very happy doing full-time twisted
development now.

Email alerts are turned on; ping hosts are running; HTTP status, HTTP
text checks, DNS dig checks, and MySQL admin queries are currently
being developed. We're going to try to knock out FTP and SMTP in the
next couple weeks, as well -- and then we'll bundle it up and release
it :-)

A tentative road map is up on the wiki, and we've got the beginnings of
developer docs on how to write "monitors" (like ping checks, HTTP
status checks, etc.).

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