Saturday, June 03, 2006

Baz Camp, Day 1

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Well, the folks at have done
it again :-)
Baz camp is rocking. We're right on
the lake, with beaches and 90-degree weather in Loveland, CO... so you
can imagine that the view is most agreeable :-) We not only have
wireless access donated by the most gracious local provider
LP Broadband, but some of
the boys brought a big-screen projector for outdoor movies at night as
well as satellite TV. So yeah, we're *really* roughing it.

We are certainly roughing it more than the folks at Foo and Bar Camp!

We've got a camp cook who's making meals for us (including 1:00am
chili!) and the menu has been just great. We've got shaded gazebos up,
tents. Watched Primer and Hackers last night (Hackers was enjoyed a la
MST3K). Sean shared Icelandic treats he brought back from the Need for
Speed sprint, including fish jerky. Yummy.

I also happen to be getting a lot of work done, too :-) All offices
should operate like Hack Camp.

Hey Radix: why aren't you here? Evelyn Mitchell and I were talking
about fellow social geeks and agreed that this would be just your style

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