Monday, June 19, 2006

Nevow Needs a Screencast

Nevow needs a screencast. Because it's so damned hot and people need to see it in action. They need to see how frickin' amazing it is.

Case in point: on a *whim* I decided to migrate a site I built last year in z3 to nevow. I had a spare hour, so what the hell. It took me *minutes*. And I don't mean 6487 minutes -- I mean 30 minutes. Here's what I did:

  • Copied HTML output from the other site and used as the basis for an XHTML template

  • Copied CSS and images from the other site

  • Wrote a backend data store that uses RFC 2822 (python's email package)

  • Wrote a ui.UI class, subclassing nevow.rend.Page (including children, data calls, etc)

  • Added data and render calls in the XHTML template

  • Wrote a .tac file

  • Populated 5 RFC 2822-compliant files with data and headers for the content

  • Started up the server and watched the new site scream

Let me emphasize a crucial point here: *none* of that was stubbed. No helper-scripts. No installers. There was pre-existsing HTML, CSS and images, and that's it. I did some dicking around and tweaking in the process, so I'm *sure* I could do the whole thing -- from start to finish -- in less than 20 minutes. Probably 15.

I don't understand why more developers aren't using Nevow. It just kicks ass. Yeah, every platform has its issues, and Nevow's no exception. But DAMN. I get record-setting development times with it, it runs fast, and it's insanely flexible.

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