Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Back at Zenoss HQ

For part of this week, I've been flown back to Annapolis, MD for a few days, ostensibly for the holiday party, but in addition, to coordinate in-person with Mark Hinkle and Rusty Wilson on the infrastructure and code needed for the next 6 month community push. In an effort to jump-start a whole set of community tools that Zenoss wants to provide, I've finished up some pretty sweet (yes, unit tests are sweet and so it automated web application/form processing/monitoring) additions to Zenoss Core and I am now switching gears to integrate community communications and work on the Super Secret Zenoss.net project (lots of Zope3 + Five + Plone hacking). Pretty fun stuff.

It's been really cool being back with the Zenoss core team this week -- lots of changes have happened since August: additional (and pretty sweet) office space, lots more people, lots of awesome code being produced by Erik Dahl, Eric Newton and Chris Blunck that I haven't had a chance to see until now. There a bunch more stuff that I can't let out of the bag yet, but is most excitimentful. Well, it is if you're into monitoring and systems/network management... and the software that helps you do that :-)

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