Sunday, December 17, 2006

Google Projects adds Wiki Support

Well, Google has supplied the last little piece of functionality that will allow me to move all of my projects onto their infrastructure.

The best part about it is the integration they've done with svn. I've rigged up rsync scripts in the past when working on SourceForge projects that allowed me to maintain the content in svn. With Google projects, I now get that for free, without any extra overhead or maintenance.

To test this new feature, I began migrating content from the old pymon project page to the hosted project page on google. The wiki syntax is the one many of us have been using for years -- first with MoinMoin and then with trac. Everything worked flawlessly.

The only minor bone I have to pick is the view on the wiki page -- it lists the pages instead of taking one directly to the main page. The listing is good, but I'd prefer an actual page as the default. I've added a link on the main project page to the WikiStart page, though, and that helps a bit. Another nice-to-have would be an automatic "return to parent: ParentPage" link generated at the top
of all new child pages.

All in all, I'm quite excited by the new feature and am looking forward to no longer having to host my own trac/svn anymore!

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