Monday, March 17, 2008

High Dynamic Range Imaging

So David Reid has a killer desktop background that looks like a game screenshot from Half Life 2. Turns out, it's a real photo and it was done using multiple exposure/composite techniques, something known as "high dynamic range" imaging. There's more info about that here:

Here are some nice ones that I have found on flickr and elsewhere:

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  1. Hi there,

    When you link to flickr images, please respect the photographers by linking to the image page rather than directly to the jpg.

  2. Arnar,

    Yikes! And ugh :-( Didn't even think about that. I'm in the middle of a Twisted Python sprint, but when I have some down time tonight, I will dig through my Firefox history and find the page links for the artists.

    Thanks for cluing me in about etiquette for photographers on flickr -- much appreciated... and apologies for the faux pax.