Thursday, March 27, 2008

We're in the Kitchen, Cookin Ur Mealz...

As Glyph just said, our community/development site is "reloaded" with a fresh look and the beginnings of some new structure. This comes as a result of many interdependent activities in the offing here at Divmod, most of which are still in the oven (and we wouldn't want to ruin the surprise now, would we?).

At PyCon, many of you approached us about more than the Twisted stuff we've been working on, and we had some good conversations. We've listened to all of you and have been making Herculean strides to provide a clearer view into what we do and how it can help you. We've got a long way to go regarding site content improvements and enhancements to documentation, both of which are genuinely at the top of our list right now. Yes, we've got a vision; but that is truly nothing without the continued interest and support of curious and creative folks like you, who want to architect extraordinary software.

There's been an extraordinary amount of energetic development, conversation, brainstorming and contribution that's been happening on IRC, at our offices, and in the code base, by employees and community members, at work and at play -- it's terrific to be a part of something so genuine and organic (the rumors of inorganic overlords have been greatly exaggerated).

Come take a look! ... And stay for a while :-)

P.S. If there are any CSS-on-IE Super Freaks in the House, will you please stand up? We're trying to work on some styling oddities that exist on the site and we could use some help!

Update: Paul Hummer has been amazingly helpful and got us up and running on IE when he had spare moments today. Thanks Paul!

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