Thursday, April 16, 2009

Newest Members of the PSF

Since it's now official, I can blog about it: I was delighted to discover that JP, radix, glyph, and I were voted into the Python Software Foundation this year at PyCon :-) Not only is that four for Twisted, but it's two for Divmod and two more for Canonical.

There was another Canonical employee -- Matthias Klose -- voted in as well, and with Barry Warsaw and Gustavo Niemeyer, that brings a tally for Canonical/Ubuntu to at least 5, and maybe more (let me know if I've missed you!).

It gets even better, though: check out the rest of the new members list:
  • Jim Baker
  • Ben Bangert
  • James Bennett
  • Graham Dumpleton
  • Martijn Faassen
  • Michael Fletcher
  • Michael Foord
  • Doug Hellmann
  • Adrian Holovaty
  • Jacob Kaplan-Moss
  • Jesse Noller
  • Benjamin Peterson
  • Ted Pollari
  • Mark Ramm
  • Malcolm Tredinnick
  • Kirby Urner
  • Robert Dino Viehland
  • Thomas Waldmann
  • Frank Wierzbicki
I am thrilled to be a PSF member and look forward to deepening my support of Python through this new level of involvement. Even more, though, I'm honored and delighted to be working with both the esteemed veteran members as well as these amazing new additions.


Michał Pasternak said...


Duncan McGreggor said...

Thanks Michał!

Michael Hudson said...

I think it's 7 for Canonical actually :) (and 8 if you count the sponsor membership)

Duncan McGreggor said...

Michael -- that is sweet! I had no idea :-)

Looking forward to seeing you at All Hands in Barcelona!