Friday, March 16, 2012

PyCon 2012: To Be Continued

PyCon was just fabulous this year.

It's been a couple years since I was able to go, and I was quite surprised by how much I had been missing it. The Python community is not only one of the most technically astute and interesting ones to which I belong, but also the kindest. That last point is so incredibly important, and it ends up fostering a very strong familiar sense amongst its members.

There were so many good conversations with such great people: Anna, Alex, Guido, David (Mertz), Donovan, JP, Maciej, Allen, Glyph, Paul, Sean... the list goes on and on! Fortunately, I took notes and (and even have some book recommendations to share!) so there are many blog posts to come :-)

But this has brought something into focus quite strongly for me: the interaction at PyCon is one of the most fertile grounds for me all year -- and going without it since Chicago has been a genuine drought! There were some folks at DreamHost that couldn't make it, and we've already started looking around at various local, mini Python conferences that we can attend. This was initially so that those who couldn't make PyCon could receive similar benefits. But now there's something equally important that's contributing to the importance of this search: attending local conferences will mean not as much time has to pass between those fertile interactions and that recharging that we give each other at such events.

Until next time, I hope all Pythonistas everywhere are getting ready for a great weekend :-) Those who have been traveling, I hope you get lots of rest and share with everyone the treasures gathered at this year's PyCon :-)

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