Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Insanely Busy...


I have absolutely ZERO time to blog these days. Python
programming is keeping me busy 120% of the day. The other 3.2 hours of
my 32 hour days (yeah, that's my circadian rythm... or however the hell
you spell it) are spent learning programming concepts and theory I am
only becoming aware of through amazing and ungodly uberhackers in the
open source community.

Business is good, but I would love to have more time to ruminate on
the things the sundry collection of neurons in my body find amusing.
These days, it seems to be matters sociological and economic that
really do it for me. Of particular interest: need to comment on

* one of Tim O'Reilly's excellent essays

* The Dyson's at OSCon

* The social and catalytic impact conferences can have

* architect Christopher Alexander's three-volume set

* Conversation with Alan Thompson about software glue and business trends

We shall see...

Until then, I leave the place-holder and personal reminder ;-)

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