Thursday, August 19, 2004


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Well, I've been working with some ancient code base (1995) to produce HTML for PyHTMLWidgets.... and thanks to a friend of mine (Paul Taney), I have realized that the proper tool has been in front of me the whole time: HTMLgen.

Once I am finished with the looming projects (two weeks, I hope!), I
will update the code base for PyHTMLWidgets and provide a download.
It's not rocket science... in fact, it's not science at all: it's
convenience. In the world of awesome templating systems and complete
tool sets for projects, there are customers out there that want things
in a particular way... sometimes, this precludes the use of some of the
better tools sets out there, and the need arises for something
completely independant and without dependancies on a larger system.

Thus, the ever-present need for separate tools with the ability to loosely bind them together...


A benchmark of different xml tools in python led me to the ElementTree web site and I am excited to see what this tool can do. There are a couple possibilities for PyHTMLWidgets:

* Use HTMLgen

* Use ElementTree instead

* Rewrite HTMLgen to use ElementTree

I'll have to spend more time thinking about potential features (mmm,
candy... mmm, scope creep) as well as running some benchmarks, but this
could actually be an interesting project...


Well, I had a chance to look at the source for HTMLgen, and it's
really not what I need. On the other hand, I've been playing with
ElementTree and that is a fantastic tool set. I am very pleased with
it's potential, and I think that it will provide *very* significant
increases in speed over what we are currently using.

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