Wednesday, August 18, 2004

! Not Blogging


Yup, that's a double negative. I have no time to do it, so I
can't... and I'm not... not... blogging. In fact, I'm supposed to be
writing code for AOL...

Anyway, I think a friend of mine got mentioned in Clay Shirky's latest article
about Situated Software (of course, when I saw that title, all I could
think about was ATHF's Meatwad singing MC Peepants'/MC Chris's lyrics
"...get re-situated..."; yeah, I know I'm fucked ;-) ). Paul Barry is
my friend's name; he's working for NYU and taking classes. Really smart
dude. He built an LMS from the ground up for NYU. Unless my memory and
email addresses have failed me, Clay typo'ed Paul's name. Or it might
not be the same Paul... still waiting verification from Paul...

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