Monday, July 23, 2007

Farewell, Zenoss

Well, python community, I am back on the market.

After a year and half of consulting for Zenoss, where I contributed to the Zenoss code base and was lead dev on the community development effort, I am on my own again.

It's been pretty amazing having a front-row seat on the growth of Zenoss as a company. When I fist started consulting for them, there were only three employees and the general view was that most of the employees would end up being remote developers (this didn't end up being the case, as they found a fair number of local python developers). I was actually on-site when they interviewed Drew "the Docs guy", who ended up being employee #4. Since then, the number of consultants and employees has increased as greater and greater focus has been placed on non-dev business like marketing, sales and customer support. It was kind of strange being there this week... while at a party, I remarked to Erik Dahl that I barely recognized the place anymore.

I do feel badly that I have poured so much time and work into the recent Zenoss community effort and not had the time to contribute to the Twisted and Divmod code bases (as well as other projects) like I had wanted to this Summer. Hopefully my next gig will provide for more support in that arena. At the very least, I could very well have some spare time in the next few months to tune back in and maybe even crank out some tickets :-)

Well, I'm off to pick up some red curry or pad thai at the Lemon Grass!

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  1. Good luck on your new ventures. Were you talking about doing some stuff with Asterisk stuff for OLPC? Maybe you'll have a chance to come back around to that; that could be a tremendous benefit for all the people who get laptops.

  2. Sorry to see you go. Does this mean we can't be friends anymore? ;-)