Saturday, July 28, 2007

Twisted JSON-RPC on Google Code/Projects

I've been getting lots of emails from folks asking for the Twisted JSON-RPC code that I had put up a while ago. They weren't able to find it due to my having to bring down the trac instances I was running. Good news: I've moved the repository up to Google:
The front page has a link to the wiki which in turn has all the usage info. You can get recent eggs here:
If you want to contribute to this code base and bring it up to date, email me.


Update: Primary development has moved to Launchpad. Documentation is maintained on the wiki page here.


  1. dude, the wiki links on the Google wiki are stuffed, where are the docs? :) Also the download links on the Google code page are 404ing at the moment.

    thanks in advance :)

  2. David,

    I'm not sure what you were talking about specifically, so I reviewed the wiki and noted where some of the trac copy-and-paste made it into google projects and adjusted accordingly.

    Let me know if there's still something you can't link to...