Monday, September 07, 2009

Twisted Client

I just merged async (Twisted) support into the Python library today and have just taken it for a test drive. I do love Twisted :-) The Twisted pyngfm API usage is identical to the synchronous API, with the usual exception of using deferreds and callbacks.

Here's some example usage, the client I now use for command-line updates to Twitter,, Tumblr, Facebook, LinkedIn, Jaiku, and even Flickr (note that the keys are stored in an .ini-style config file):

There's another example in the README that iterates through the recents posts made to If you do manage to use it and come across any issues, be sure to file a ticket.


1 comment:

Снежный человек said...

Cool library, Mr. McGreggor!

Any chance to see a simple PyGtk app that just sits in GNOME panel and when clicked, allows to type in a status message and pings it via this library? That's be a KILLER app!