Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Coldplay - Fix You

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I almost *never* listen to the radio. I don't think I even have an FM
tuner (not counting the car; I almost never drive, either!). However, I
did see the special preview concert (on MTV?) that Coldplay gave for
the release of their new album X&Y. It was a while ago, and I hadn't
heard any radio play since then. When I was visiting Greg and Ladan in
San Francisco, I heard "Fix You" a couple times on the radio. Twice I
think. Since then, it has been in my head constantly.

I actually really like the music, and I love Coldplay's vocal style.
But I've had problems with the lyrics of that particular song since I
saw them perform it on MTV. But the music is so nice... consequently, a
tension was setup in my mind between it and the meaning of the lyrics.

My objection is due to a vehement position I hold that no one can "fix"
anyone else. In my opionon, one has to take responsibility for all
one's actions: past, present, and future. And through the continued and
disciplined application of awareness and compassion for oneself, the
"fixing" can occur. No one is to blame for our own suffering. If we are
suffering, we have the power -- through changing our minds and
perceptions -- to turn that suffering around. Our own minds/hearts are
the core of the issues, not someone else's. No one else can make us
happy; no one else can make us suffer. This is admittedly contrary to
your average opinion on the matter. In my opinion, this is because
people are very, VERY uncomfortable with taking responsibility of their
own actions. And perhaps even more uncomfortable with the frightening
prospect of being the makers of their own universes.

However, I digress. I think I have now found a way to enjoy the lyrics,
and it ties in nicely with an interpretation of the "X&Y" title as
chromosomal :-) If you consider the inheritance we receive from our
parents -- genetic, emotional, behavioral, etc. -- and you agree that
there is plenty of work (and a responsibility!) to improve on this
inheritance, then "fixing you" could be an address to our parents, or
rather, our parents inside us. Something along the lines of "we promise
to take care of you in us, to do the most with what you have given us,
to fix the broken pieces and go further..."

With that perspective, I am now listening to the song without
misgivings, fully enjoying both the lyrics and the music :-)

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  1. first thing: excuse me if i don't write "correctly" because im learning english.

    i think... that the whole idea of the song isn't FIX literally, although i believe that u can "fix" a relationship that is "broken" (4example). For me the song is about two persons obviously, but the one who sings maybe has lived more (somehow), because he/she knows the experience of being "stuck in reverse"..when all u do, want and love is wrong, and u feel that u are a mess..so u can't see future and lost ur way...and the only thing u can do is return to a safe place, or a loved one that u know always love u, to be right or fixed, because this person is not going to make u feel worse, u know that he/she will TRY to fix u, i think put u in your own way.

    i love coldplay.