Monday, November 21, 2005

San Francisco

friends :: travel

Two dear friends of mine, Greg and Ladan, whisked me away to San
Francisco to stay with them for almost two weeks, and I've just
returned. I had the most amazing time there -- including (but not
limited to!) meeting new friends, having long and deep conversations
with old friends, eating *amazing* Persian food, and seeing Depeche
Mode in concert. Though it wasn't a vacation -- I coded my ass off all
day while they were at work and school -- it was just what I needed.

You know, good friends are just amazing. The generosity of open hearts
can really be life changing. In "modern" life, so much attention gets
paid to success, acquisition, consumption... that we can get distracted
by either participating in that or fighting it. Stepping outside of
that battlefield, one finds the truly great things in life. The support
that friends provide is one of these things. Thanks Greg and Ladan!

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