Monday, November 07, 2005

Structure Generation and z3

software :: zope3

Carlos de la Guardia posted a recent
blog entry
that mentions the need for "rails-like" code-stubbing,
or the automatic generation of directories and files in z3. I think
there was one comment that wasn't spam, and then I posted one in
addition to that. So, I thought I'd post a long over-due entry here

A tool like that exists; I wrote it a while ago, but didn't get a
chance to clean it up (a little) and post it to the site until about a month ago. Here is the
z3 project starter.

It's alpha, and I need to encode the 1px.gif image so that a proper
binary file can be created. But that's pretty easy, I just haven't
gotten around to it. The basic css tabs are really only usable with
vhost. It has only been tested repeatedly in a narrow set of use, so it
needs more people playing with it. I'd love it if folks wanted to
contribute, helping to get it into shape suitable for entry into the z3
repository. It'd be great to bring it in line with Benji's quickstart

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