Saturday, February 18, 2006


This week I made some great progress on the accountdb twisted/nevow micro app. The prototype is finished, complete with screenshots. One of the nice things that happened while writing it was a personal issue resolution :-)

And, yes, as a programmer, most of my personal issues are with software and software implementation or design.

Here's the issue: I think Nevow's stan is fantastic and ingenious.  However, I tend to adhere pretty strictly to the principle that HTML doesn't belong in code, and should remain in templates. For that  reason, I even try to steer away from programmatically generated HTML.

Two things let me relax this position: 1) stan is *very* clean, and 2) when you have lots of "mini-templates", having them all in separate files *really* starts to affect performance negatively, especially if
you're creating objects to provide an interface for them.

This work has given me some nice insight on how I can optimize imagedb as well. I'm looking forward to that, since I've been using imagedb a lot more, lately.

Oh, I almost forgot: sales pitch for accountdb: this micro app is, as you can guess, responsible for storing users and providing web authentication as a service. Don't worry, there will be many more blog entries on this in the future, and I will describe how this is done and why this is so useful :-)

But for now, back to coding!

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