Saturday, February 25, 2006


twisted :: programming

I had a chance to do some paired programming with Itamar
Shtull-Trauring today. He was very patient with me, and I learned a
great deal just observing how he considered the problems at hand. I
will be processing what he shared and the implications of his approach
for several weeks. At least. It was a great experience, and I am
thrilled not only by what I learned but am genuinely excited about
digging deeper into twisted.web2 and HTTP in general. (But not because
HTTP is so great... more like it's a beast I want to beat now. Beat

Also, the company that Itamar
works for is doing some really awesome stuff. One could naively say
that they are doing "airline reservation searches", but it's so, so
much more than that. They are focused on a really interesting and
diverse problem space. Think about it: if they are keeping guys like
Itamar and Michael Salib interested and enthusiastic, there's
definitely more than meets the eye, and it's got to be interesting :-)
They are also looking for motivated, talented developers who would be
willing to live in the Boston area. Check out the site and then contact
them if you are interested. They've got new and significant investment
interest (real $), new offices, and big plans. If I could work remotely
for them, I'd do it in a second... alas, I can't leave my beloved
Rockies ;-)

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