Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Back to Subversion

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Well, I experienced a spectacular failure when it came to distributing
darcs to multiple servers, and then pushing/pulling changes. I am
perfectly willing to accept that it was me, with a limited
understanding of darcs methodologies and an unwillingness to see the
problem through. But I just couldn't bring myself to loose two days on
it -- in the middle of projects with deadlines, one is enough, thank

So, back to subversion it is.

The nice thing, though, is that a few days before the move to darcs, I
had read the
wiki entry
on the
Divmod trac
as well as the
entry there. This is really good stuff and offers the
cleanliness I like to see in software development process. Though this
is not quite patch-based development, it certainly fits with my
experience and intuition. (I didn't work with darcs enough to really
say whether the patch-based approach fit my brain.)

The other thing is distributed content. Since I didn't have any issues
with read-only pulls from darcs repositories, this is what I am
considering: every three hours, I will run my tailor scripts against
the latest svn changes (trunk only), and distribute these via rsync to
other servers where the code will be accessible via http and darcs http

But all this will have to wait until the sprinting at pycon is

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  1. If you like python, try mercurial...


    Way faster than darcs and easy to work with. Can't recommend it enough.