Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Subversion to Darcs

version control :: software

I have *finally* made the move now. I've been experimenting with
darcs for about 6 months now, on and off. At the hackathon in December
(sponsored by tummy.com), I was really into it and ran tons of tests. I
used tailor to convert several repositories, etc. I really loved the
patch approach that darcs uses, but I just couldn't motivate to migrate
the 47 repositories that I have in svn.

However, I have recently migrated all of my Subversion repositories
from one server to another, and it was the perfect opportunity. I spent
two days migrating to darcs and testing the results, and am delighted.
The scripts that I set up to do all the work can now be run easily at
any time (if the need arises for any reason). With darcs, the projects'
source code is now easily available for anonymous checkout, and what's
more, easy mirroring.

I have hacked trac to point to the darcsweb cgi, but I'm still pushing
darcs partials from the main server out to the first mirror... so there
will be some 404s for a little while, but I expect by the weekend to
have all repos viewable in darcsweb as well as available for anonymous
checkout. I like the look and functionality of darcsweb, though it is
slow. However, I find the query parameters obnoxious; I'll be rewriting
it as a stand-alone Nevow app...

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  1. Hey man - long time no see...just a lost soul from Athens stopping by to say HI. Lots of peace and love...

  2. Beth! Good to hear from you! Thanks for saying "hi" :-) I gotta dig through some email addresses and drop you a line... :-)