Sunday, February 16, 2003



Always on the lookout for applicable information, I found a link on about 'altruistic' routers:

I just came across and Cory Doctorow for the
first time today. I had been reading more of Clay Shirky's stuff,
thanks to David Casti for that wonderful introduction, and googled for
Cory when Clay mentioned him.

Reading Cory's "outboard brain" article on O'Reilly (,
I was finally convinced of the use for personal blogs. This really is
what I need - a place for me to put my thoughts and provide a scratch
pad accessible to me and others, always ready for input and

I proceeded to search google for blog software, download
movebletype, and set it up. What a dream; it's even easier to get
running than *Nuke sites.

Oh, one more note: I really liked Cory's title "Outreach Coordinator" at - it describes what I see myself doing in the future as well.

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