Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Job Security and Loyalty

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From Getting Employees to Fall in Love with Your Company. I believe the title is all hype. However, some of the content is well-phrased:

"The new workplace realities have radically changed the way
employees view the role of work within their lives. No longer do
employees believe in the work covenants of the past. They recognize the
new realities and have adjusted their thinking accordingly. However,
most companies continue to operate under the old workplace realities
and have failed to adjust their thinking or their operations. Just as
the workplace rules have forever changed, so too must the way companies
meet the new motivational needs of today's employee."

More good stuff:

"The death of lifetime job security has forever changed the way
employees view the role of work in their lives. The cornerstones of the
dream career--a lifetime job guarantee with full retirement benefits in
exchange for a lifetime of loyalty to the company--are gone. Job
security is now the ultimate oxymoron. Even the most loyal and
committed employees understand that their jobs will never again be
secure, that a lifetime with any company is extremely rare. For
example, according to Richard Belous, chief economist of the National
Planning Association, 45 million people today are either self-employed
or working as temps, part-timers, or consultants.1 That is fully
one-third of the American working population. In Europe, the figure is
already close to 50 percent."

Finally! At the very end of the article, they say this:

* Capture the hearts and minds of all your employees.

* Open communication between all levels of your organization.

* Create partnerships between all employees built upon trust, equality, and sharing.

* Drive learning into every nook and cranny of your company. Emancipate
the action of every employee to increase service and profits.

Now that does justify the title of the article, and I do believe these statements as true.

The credits at the end of the article:

Excerpted from Title Jim Harris, Ph.D. Copyright 1996 Jim
Harris/[AMACOM a division of American Management Association
International, New York, NY.

Jim Harris, Ph.D. (Indian Rocks Beach, FL) is founder and president
of The Jim Harris Group, specializing in the creation of
high-performance workplaces. He is a former executive at Eckerd

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