Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Justification for the OBF

open :: business

Should the Open Business Foundation even exist? What are the
things it strives to provide that are either not currently provided or
not provided well?

A quick sketch of areas that the OBF would like to address... the hierarchy is currently arbitrary and not organized:

Mission Divisions:

- contributions from related research

- contributions from the community

Infomation dissemination
* Community
- communication (input/feedback) via forums/maillists
- standard email

- user-contributed web content
- document downloads/uploads (OSS model)
* Assimilation
- organization of standard materials, both easily availible and those hard to come by
- lessons learned from the nations best businesses
* what activities of a business help secure economic stabliity?
* what encourages the evolution of the economy?

* Ethical/social responsibility

- fiscal
- management
- corporate culture

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