Monday, February 24, 2003

Who's Afraid of Adam Smith? How the Market Got Its Soul!


Knowledge@Wharton -

"It is strongest as an economics primer cum publishing memoir,
weaving a history of modern economic theory and practice from the era
of Adam Smith onward with some of the author's own experiences in the
field. These experiences include a range of luminaries he has met, work
he has published, speeches he has heard and conferences he has
attended. Dougherty brings us along on the journey and at the same time
takes us back through several centuries of economic and philosophical
progress: It's not always smooth, not always pretty, but usually
interesting and almost always wittily related."

The review finished with:

"those who have heretofore only seen Adam Smith as the cudgel used
by free market ideologues against any and all market intervention will
have been shown an important, under-explored side of his work.

"Dougherty has written an interesting, valuable, and layered book
that gives us a rich new perspective on Adam Smith and the profession
that he did so much to define."

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