Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Corporate Values?

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I am going to be contentious. So much of the "research" I see
in the business world is nothing more than cheerleading and pep-talks.
It's tiresome. Take a look at some of the questions for which stats are
given in this research summary of the AMA:

Are the corporate values of your organization specifically written or

Is information about corporate values discussed in any of the following?
(Employee handbooks, Company brochures, etc.)

Are corporate values linked to performance evaluations and

What are the stated values of your organization?

Honestly, what is this? Has anyone found effective ways of putting
coorporate values in place without it coming off false? Yes. You know
who they are? The people that treat their organizations like living,
highly complex systems.

However, here are some interesting percentages:

Within your organization have you seen any of the following behaviors?
Micro-management 70%

Failure to give credit 59%
Dissension in senior management ranks 58%
Hidden agendas 56%
Dictatorial management 51%
Lack of accountability 46%
Unequal treatment of employees 40%
'Kill the messenger' behavior 36%
Lying by employees 28%
Distortion of facts to customers 22%

Lying to employees 17%
Distortion of facts to shareholders 9%
Indifference to community concerns
(e.g. environmental issues) 9%
Falsifying expense accounts 7%

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