Sunday, March 13, 2005

America Beyond Capitalism -- Posters!

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Today, I got an email from Ted Howard (director of the Democracy
) letting me know that there are posters based on the
book America Beyond
available for download here. Very cool stuff. Some very good facts to know and
be aware of. One that really pisses me off is in 1945 corporate
taxes provided 35.4% of federal revenues and now corps are only paying
7.4%. That shit just ain't right. I also like this one -- and in to answer their question,
no! it's not what I want. In fact, since working for myself, I have
changed my work week to less than 40 hours a week. I strive for 30, but
would like to get it down to 25 hours/week. With more time off, I get
to spend my time relaxing, hiking, volunteering for projects I care
about -- improving my quality of life. As a result, during my work
hours, I am much more productive and energetic, happy about life and

BTW, if you haven't read the book America Beyond
, you really ought to check it out. It's a fast read with
some intense (but accessible) data. And it's not a doom and gloom thing,
either - there is all kinds of information in it about what various
groups, researchers, corporations, communities, etc., are doing to
change the immense imbalance of power and wealth.

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