Tuesday, March 22, 2005

supybot IRC Channel Bot and Subversion Commits

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Last night at the Hacking Society meeting in Fort Collins, I finished
my latest utility. I use supybot on our dev channel and the other day,
I learned how to write plugins for it. After writing one, I realized
that wasn't exactly what I needed. What I really needed was to add my
own daemon to run inside supybot's daemon. Then I learned the complete
internals of supybot. Quite an interesting experience. I wrote a
daemon/notification server last year that monitors arbitrary
directories and files for changes to contents, time stamps, etc. I
wanted my daemon to monitor a directory where our subversion hooks post
updates, see which files (updates) have been added, and then parse the
updates for information that is useful to post on an IRC channel. *And*
I wanted this daemon to run inside the supybot daemon. In less than 24
hours, supybot was learned and my daemon was buried inside of it nicely

At the Hacking Society meeting, I finished up the parsing for the
subversion commit updates... today, the results were viewable as
everyone made their code changes. Ah, data is wonderful.

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